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Hiroshima Cattle

 Japanese cattle can be classified into four types: black, brown, no horns and
short horns. Hiroshima Cattle are classified as the black Japanese species,
featuring fine details, such as wide ribs, large volume, excellent fur, skin and
breasts, and rapid growth, which saves feed.
 Being gentle, long-lived and fertile, Hiroshima Cattle are fine, economical
cattle for cows, seed bulls or breeding cattle.
 In 1985, different names based on production centers, such as Hiba Cattle,
Jinseki Cattle and Futami Cattle, were unified into Hiroshima Cattle.
 Hiroshima Cattle, the leading Japanese cattle, have characteristics descending from the two big-name cattle, Hiba Cattle and Jinseki Cattle. Azumatsuru, a
species having excellent genetic characteristics, was developed, and
cross-breeding of different species was performed by importing short horn species.
 The magnificent grass fields in the Chugoku Mountain region and the cattle
breeders' outstanding breeding techniques made Hiroshima Cattle the leading
Japanese cattle and created the cattle kingdom of Hiroshima.
 To improve the quality of the meat of Hiroshima Cattle, the blood of Tajima
Cattle was introduced under instruction by the Registry Association in 1959, and
group breeding has been executed. As a result, excellent Hiroshima Cattle that
grow well and have choice meat were bred, creating new trends in breeding
Hiroshima Cattle.
Japanese cattle became famous with Jinseki Cattle (Photograph taken circa 1994)


Japanese cattle became famous with Jinseki Cattle (Photograph taken circa 1994)


 Efforts have been made to maintain, improve and perfect the excellent characteristics of Japanese cattle in production centers since the old days. The Hiroshima Cattle of Hiwa-cho, former Hiba-gun (present Shobara City) had characteristics which surpassed those of other cattle in the history of Hiroshima Cattle, because in the late Edo era, choice cattle production was achieved with epoch-making techniques of selective cross-breeding to bear the ancestors of Hiroshima Cattle.
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