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 The plateau called Sera Daichi unfolds at 380 to 490 meters above sea level
in the middle of Hiroshima Prefecture. There is a potential of 8,000 hectares of
land, including neighboring plateaus, to be developed collectively.
 After the war, a development plan for the plateau was supported by the
prefectural and national governments, and the area was designated as "the area
for a special project of farmland development" in 1958. In 1961, a "reclamation
pilot project" was introduced, and the creation of an agricultural park began.
 The cooperative of the agricultural affairs union, Sera Kosui Farm, was
founded in April 1963, and a plantation of pears was started by 26 housholds on
a total land area of 35 hectares.
 Details of pear cultivation were as follows: 20 hectares for Kosui, 3 hectares
for Shinsui, and 7 hectares for Chojuro. A "no wrap culture" was started for the
first time in history by the cooperative management.
 Growing pears on developed lands was accompanied with much difficulty.
Although the new method of "no wrap culture" was started, fruit was damaged
by moths and members racked their brains to find ways to prevent the damage.
Finally, after ten years of members' steady efforts, they succeeded in growing
a pear which is the best in Japan.
Sera pear, which has a sweet taste due to the creation of a new variety and no wrap culture (Photograph taken circa 1994)


Sera pear, which has a sweet taste due to the creation of a new variety and "no wrap culture" (Photograph taken circa 1994)


 The Kosui pear, a red pear variety, was a cross between Kikusui and Wasekozo. It was named by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1959. As this variety is resistant to black spots and purple blotches, a "no wrap culture" is possible.
 It is fleshy and very sweet, with sugar content between 13% and 15%. It also has a unique fragrance and excellent quality.
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