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Ryuzukyo Valley

 Former Tsutsuga Village (present Akiota-cho) is located southwest of former
Kake-cho (present Akiota-cho) along the Tsutsuga River. Forestry is its main
industry, with its large beautiful forest of cedar trees.
 Ryuzukyo Valley is a famous scenic valley lying in the south of the Mitani
district in the center of former Tsutsuga Village. At the entrance of the valley are
located a forest museum and a rest house. There are various types of falls with
names like Tsuimori no Taki (fall), Nidan Taki and Oku no Taki, with rare
curiously shaped rocks in the valley. Nidan Taki is the most attractive with a
drop of 40 meters. The fresh green and scarlet-tinged seasons in spring and
autumn are best for family recreation along the hiking courses.
 In addition, this village has the "forest of eternity" which includes hikiake no
, a naturally grown forest of 200-300-year-old fir and hemlock-spruce trees,
and yokobuke no mori, a beautiful forest of reforested cedar trees.
 A natural monument of the prefecture is a ginkgo tree said to be 1,000 years
old standing in the compound of Otoshi Shrine. In the innermost section of the
valley, there is a large area of alpine roses known as Ryuzukyo Alpine Roses.
 Tsutsuga Village is also famous for specially processed forest products,
including tochi mochi (rice cakes), tochi senbei (rice crackers), wasabi (horse-
radish) and wasabi zuke (horseradish preserved in sake), as well as various kinds of wooden products. Villagers celebrate the Ryuzukyo Festival in July.
Nidan Taki (two-stepped falls) of Tenjo Mountain (Photograph taken circa 1994)


Nidan Taki (two-stepped falls) of Tenjo Mountain (Photograph taken circa 1994)


Address Nakatsutsuga, Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun
Access Car: Approximately 10minutes from Togochi Interchange on the Chugoku Highway.