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Okonomiyaki (unique Hiroshima food)

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 Visitors to Hiroshima enjoy okonomiyaki very much. It is made with a crepe
on the bottom and dried bonito (fish) powder, shredded cabbage, bean sprouts,
pork slices and noodles (soba or udon, your choice) piled on top of it. Most
typical okonomiyaki has a fried egg added on top of the cooked pile. The most
popular okonomiyaki is called niku-tama-soba (pork, egg and noodle).
 Lately people have ventured to include in their okonomiyaki such items as
oysters, squid, shrimp, rice cakes, cheese or corn, in the same manner as pizza.
 The key to the delicacy of okonomiyaki is the special in-house sauce. In
addition, each restaurant has its own ingredients to make okonomiyaki special,
using various items such as fried flakes, seaweed, fish cakes and leeks.
 The best way to eat okonomiyaki is served on the heated iron grill, using a
special spatula to eat with from the grill. Not only can you enjoy warm
okonomiyaki, but you can also taste the delicate change which occurs towards
the end of your meal due to the continued heating.
Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is well-known all over Japan (Photograph taken circa 1994)


Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is well-known all over Japan (Photograph taken circa 1994)


 Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is famous nationwide for its rich volume and distinctive taste.
 Okonomiyaki was introduced as a Western style food before World War II. It developed into the current style after the war, when the first okonomiyaki stands were opened in Shintenchi Park, south of Hondori Street.
 Now those original okonomiyaki stands have been turned into a fashionable okonomi-mura building in which dozens of okonomiyaki restaurants attract tourists from many parts of Japan and the world.
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